DOBLOXY™ is the trade name for Pankowski's Blocks
Innovative blocks for children and adults. Create amazing, realistic structures. No restrictions, no unnecessary instructions. Perfect for printing with a home 3D printers.
New production and distribution system.
Join the project as a designer or manufacturer and earn money with us.

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The project financed with own funds and the support of donors and sponsors.
If you are interested in an equity investment, please contact me by email.


For every age group


In education, therapy and rehabilitation


Print additional parts in 3D

Stress free

Innovative without force connection system

What the Pankowski's Blocks™ are?

The Playing with blocks learns spatial imagination, knowledge and constructing. Just a little imagination makes the blocks to form in unique and great buildings.

I am Daniel J. Pankowski. I have created the blocks for my beloved sons, which the youngest of whom has Down's syndrome. the Inspiration was not just of Children but there is no such product on market.
Divisions according to age categories, too complicated instructions for the youngest, lost blocks, make it impossible to reassemble the set, etc. Every each owner of blocks for children knows this.
Pankowski's blocks introduce new innovative solutions, where which all these obstacles disappear.

  • For children from 3 years of age. Large size prevents swallowing. Joint system without the use of force. A simple stacking system that allows a child to quickly familiarize themselves with the rules of creating a building, without complicated instructions.
  • Creating more extensive constructions as the child grows. Basic blocks are used in simple buildings as well as complex structures, e.g. 3D models of cities, housing estates, etc., which can be used by model-making enthusiasts or architects.
  • Pankowski's Blocks™ are designed for simple and fast 3D printing. Along with the sets, the users receive STL files allowing to print additional blocks on any 3D printer. For advanced users, the ability to design your own bricks for the set based on the guides that will be available on the website.
  • Perfect in therapy and rehabilitation for children with neurological disorders. Stress-free connection system and simple folding.

After 2 years of working on these blocks, many modifications and tests, I introduce the prototype of Pankowski's Blocks™ basic set of blocks - City Basic. The blocks have been approved by the European Patent Office (EPO) and received a registration certificate.
Soon I am going to introduce an add-ons, which will allow you to expand your city with new attractions (railway stations, viaducts, leisure and sports places).
We are working on new sets that will allow you to build a medieval castle and settlements as well as cities of the future. All of these sets will be compatible with each other, that makes you able to use the bricks you already have in your new constructions.

We invite you to cooperation.

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While working on the prototype ..


How are we going to manufacture the Pankowski's Blocks™?

We introduce innovative production system. The printing with 3D Printer built for the mass production of goods. Additionally, Additionally, users will be able to obtain a license and join the co-production with the using of their own 3d Printers, then making a network of manufacturers.
Distribution and sale will take place through our system.
Print and earn money with us.

What way will be held sale ?

Product can be purchased from online store. Users will be able to purchase ready-made sets, as well as sets created by themselves with available types of blocks. Possibility to purchase a physical product as well as a digital version ready to 3d printing.
Use our software and create your own unique block patterns. Add your designs to the ordered set, or earn money by sharing them with others in our store.

Will Pankowski's Blocks™ be ecological?

Our production system ensures the use of only ecological materials supplied only by renowned European suppliers.

When will the product be available on market?

Our thoughts are in Q1-Q2 2021. Until then, an online store and a system allowing to join the network of producers and designers will be created.
At an earlier time, We will have created promotional and test sets for our donors and investors, without whom help the project would not be done.

What are the requirements for 3D printing?

Blocks from the beginning were created for easy 3D printing. No need to create supports, demanding materials, multi-color printing. The minimum working area of the printer is only 100x100 mm. Printing PLA is safe in home conditions. It does not emit toxic substances, the printing possible in the presence of children.

What the scale the buildings of Pankowski's Blocks™ are created in?

The scale is 1: 200. A scale popular among 3D mockup makers.



Daniel J. Pankowski

Pankowski's Blocks™ (trade name: DOBLOXY™) is a product by Daniel J. Pankowski
All rights reserved.

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